The Great Project

- Week ???+2 -


Week ???+2: Fuel tanks & bulkheads

Just a few pictures this week - I have more but they are stuck on an unhappy Mac, until I fix it, that is where they'll stay.

The fuel tank is now fitted, complete with the modified filler pipe. The missing photos show the tank mounting and filler pipe in more detail. As you can see, it fits pretty well.

I've also got around to modifiying the bulkhead so that the footwells clear the exhaust manifolds. I doubt these are the most elegant modifications made, but they do the job and will be covered in paint and soundproofing so they won't be seen!

There was quite extensive rust around the cut-outs for the clutch and brake pedal on left-hand drive vehicles (i.e. the passenger side footwell). I decided that the easiest solution here was to weld a couple of sheets of 2mm plate over the top of the existing metal. Again not very neat from the inside, but it'll be hidden and it'll take years to rust away.

The whole bulkhead is painted in zinc rich primer, in preparation for the top coat.

If you've read the previous weeks page Week ?+1:Not much... you'll know about me buying the wrong colour of paint. Well, I consulted Stephen Hull's Painting Pointers and got the correct Land Rover paint code for Masai Red. I went back to Witham Oil and Paint last weekend and explained that I'ld bought the wrong colour. Luckily they were happy to not only take back the International Red I'ld bought, but specially mix Masai Red for me and deliver to Cambridge, all for no extra cost - top marks to them!

Slightly less than top marks to Paddocks who received a faxed order from me last Tuesday, complete with all the LR part numbers (finally got around to buying the parts book - worth every penny) and a 'phone number to call if there were problems. Needless to say I heard nothing from them and as yet have no delivery. To be far, there are some pretty obscure items on the list - "NRC4244, bracket, abutment", anyone?!?!? So I'm not surprised it's taking a while, but a call would have been nice.

I had a go at setting the engine up properly, now that the exhaust no longer leaks. The engine seems to run happily enough, but balancing the airflow through the carbs is proving impossible. It seems that the off-side carb takes almost all the airflow. Furthur investigation called for. It also sounds like at least one tappet isn't pumping up properly - maybe this is related???

The other thing I finally got around to doing was photographing the engine number, in an attempt to solve a couple of questions with it. Have a look at my engine number page.

OK - that's all for now, folks.

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