The Great Project

- Week 5 -


Week 5: The engine comes apart.

This was a 3 day weekend (Bank Holiday Monday) - so an ideal time to sort out the engine. Previously the whole engine and gearbox assembly has been sitting by the side of the house, thoroughly immovable due to it's weight. I needed to split the engine and gearbox, then at least I would have 2 more handily sized lumps of metal.

An engine hoist was hired and my home-made engine stand readied. After a lot of fraught manouvering and some gentle persuasion with a mallet, the engine was seperated from the box and lifted up to it's stand.

The gearbox found it's way onto a wheeled trolley, which allowed me to move it out of the way for future attention.

Sunday morning was spent cleaning the worst of the muck of the outside from the engine before starting to dismantle it. About 4 litres of diesel were used with good effect - only thing diesel is good for really!!

Sunday afternoon was spent removing the rockers, push rods and tappets. It's starting to look like some new parts will be needed - pretty much all the pushrods are de-chromed, some of the rockers and some of the tappets are also looking a bit sad.

Next step was removing the cylinder heads, the bolts of which were a little reluctant to move. Not having a 5/8" AF socket didn't help either. I decided to leave the cylinder heads 'til I could get the proper socket, and take a look at the timing gear instead. I didn't get very far, as not only didn't I have a 5/8" AF socket, but I was also lacking a 1 5/16" socket to remove the starter dog.

Monday saw a quick trip to Discount Autoparts in Cambridge, who supplied the 5/8" AF socket and then to Wilco Motorists Discount Centre for the 1 5/16" socket. The rest of the day was then spent taking the rest of the engine apart and cleaning things before they went into storage for future attention.

One of the highlights of the day was the timing chain - as you can see in the photo's, it's a little slack!!

The replacement gasket sets for the SU carbs. had arrived from Gower & Lee (super quck service), so I was able to finish rebuilding one of the carbs. the other still needs cleaning up.

Next weekend is a Land Rover free weekend - so it'll be 2 weeks before anything new happens :-(

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