The Great Project

- Week 4 -


Week 4: Not much happening.

Other commitments this weekend meant not much was done. There are no photos this week either I'm afraid.

I did manage to make an engine bench out of some old angle iron, a kitchen worktop and some double-sided sticky tape ;-)

This is in preparation for the coming weekend, when the engine and gearbox are going to be split. Hopefully this will make them both a bit easier to move around i.e. I won't need a crowbar and rollers!!

I did manage to find time to remove the inlet manifold from the engine and take the twin SU's off the manifold. In the process of stripping the manifold I managed to shear 2 bolts (the heater water feed pipe bracket and one of the water temperature sender mounting bolts), which wasn't too clever! These will need jigging and drilling out at some time...

During the week I've stripped down one of the carbs and started to clean it. Everything looks OK, except for the rubbers seals, so a gasket set has been ordered from Gower & Lee the carburettor specialists. In the process I also managed to break the fuel spill pipe, which is going to need replacing some time (I'm doing well on the breakage front at the moment!).