The Great Project

- Week 3 -


Week 3: Powertrain matters...

Having spent some time in the previous week, I found myself in the situation of being able to swap my 2.25L ACR modified engine for an ex-Range Rover 3.5L V8 and an LT95 transmission. As you can imagine this raised all sorts of questions, most of which I swiftly ignored and following an exchange of emails, weekend 3 found me removing the engine and hiring a van for a trip to Aylesbury.

After a lot of lifting and the timely intervention of a tractor, the "two and a quarter" found a new home and I was the proud owner of a V8 (one of my life long aims acheived ;-).

Needless to say fitting the new engine and gearbox has raised the whole project to a new level of complexity, but well....what can I say, it's a V8, it's worth it. The plan is to try and fit the engine and box without altering the exterior of the NYB too much - I don't like sheet metal work and I don't want to end up with a Frankenstein's monster.

So now I have an engine to rebuild, a gearbox to service (I have more sense than to try and rebuild an LT95), engine and gearbox mounts to move, a shorter bell housing to obtain, the list goes on...

(The dog is now very much seat-less!!)

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