The Great Project

- The Engine Number Question -


I've a couple of questions about the engine I have. It's nominally a 3.5L V8, from a Range Rover. However, there are a few things which aren't quite what you'ld expect for a Range Rover V8.

The main one being the engine number, it's not in the normal place and it's not in the normal format. The pictures below show the details, but the number is CK1488N and it's stamped on a pad on the edge of the flywheel flange, not between cylinders 3 and 5 where you'ld expect it.

Although the water pump and timing cover are most definitely Range Rover, the engine number and also the linkages on the SU carbs make me wonder if this is actually a Rover car engine. The rear oil seal is the later one-piece type.

If anyone can identify the engine, I'ld love to know - email me.