The Great Project

- February 2001 -


February 2001 - Powered movement!

An age has passed since the last update - so I'm not going to try giving this page a "Week" number.

So, what's new?

Electrics. Most of the wiring has gone in. The original wiring loom was in a state, espcially after I'ld hacksawed through it when I was stripping the truck. I could have ordered a replacement loom, but seeing as a. the wiring was a bit non-standard & b. I reckoned I could do better, I decided to design my own scheme. All said, it's worked quite well, but it was a *much* bigger job than I anticipated.

Highlights are: Relay switching for the headlamps; dipped and main beams. A Thatcham 2 immobiliser (no insurance discount as I fitted it myself :-(). Relay switching for the cooling fan. Always-on running lamps. Extra fuses. All this is enclosed in IP-rated boxes and wired with heavy duty cables. Most of the parts came from Autosparks. RS & Maplins also supplied bits. Real Steel (still no website) supplied some nice Autometer fuel and temperature gauges - the only hitch being they're in Fahrenheit, which is new to me!

Huge F.O. 15" Pacet fan (apparently OE on Bentley Turbo R) replaces the old Rover 827 one which couldn't cope.

Given up painting until summer comes around...

Moved around 10 metres under power today - at least first and reverse gears work. Clutch is a tad snatchy - almost took out the corner of the house and the rear brake T-piece leaks, but all fixable (I hope).

More to come.