The Great Project

- aka fixing my Land Rover -


Welcome to my humble web site. It's probably easiest to say what this isn't going to be, and that's anything special - no Shockwave, Java, ActiveX or anything approaching nice design. Instead it'll be a simple record of my attempt at rebuilding my Land Rover....

Apart from the introduction, everything will probably be on a weekly basis - I only get to work on the truck at the weekends, so it should be a case of an update every week. This of course means that you'll all be able to watch and laugh, as weeks become months, and months become years.....

A certain friend of mine (who would probably rather remain anonymous) foolishly lent me his digital camera in March for a holiday - that was 2 months ago. I still have his camera, and as long as I can manage to sustain the blag, I'll have a few photo's of each weekends work.

Any comments, suggestions, offers of help (yeah, likely) can be sent to me.

OK - to the Introduction .

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Andrew Cleland, London, May 1999.